Коляда Анастасия (unnamed_girl) wrote in tiziano_fans,
Коляда Анастасия

"Stop! Dimentica" Video

Here we go :D New adorable video of our the best Tiziano Ferro. :)


(change "hxxp" to "http" and u'll able to download file)

Also i got video clips:
Tiziano Ferro - Sere Nere
Tiziano Ferro - L'Olimpiade
Tiziano Ferro - Non Me Lo So Spiegare
Tiziano Ferro - Perverso
Tiziano Ferro - Perdono (french version of song)
Tiziano Ferro - Ti voglio bene
Tiziano Ferro & Jamelia - Universal Prayer
Tiziano Ferro - Le Cose Che Non Dici
Tiziano Ferro - Rosso Relativo (have to find, it hides from me somewhere on hard disk xD)

Also i got now his new album, which i can upload too. Just leave comment if u need it.
Alla prossima, ragazzi e buona fortuna! :)
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Downloaded! Thanks. :)

(And can I request "Universal Prayer" as well? ^^;; Thanks~)
Done, check the link in journal. :)
I'm so tempted to ask you for his album... but I want to buy it as well. Do you have the Italian version? Because I can't find that one anywhere!!
Hi, sorry, had problems with inet, i'll try to upload it asap :)
Here's his new album :)
Thank you so much!!!!!
Much love!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Thank you!!!!!!
^^ always welcome! im happy to help :)
I know this is incredibly late, but I was wondering if you could upload the Italian version of his CD again...I have tried downloading it from bittorrent, but every copy I download doesn't seem to want to work. I would be forever greatful to you!
hi! sure i can, could u wait for tomorrow? just its late here, almost 00 am and im back from work and so tired so going to sleep, but tomorrow when i'll come back from work i'll put it on upload and send u a link here in comments:)
Oh! Goodness yes, take your time. I'm just in the US right now so I can't find it anywhere. I didn't even realize he had a new CD until a few days ago! O_o Thank you so much!
Thank you! You made my day :D
i hope this album will make many of ur days ;)