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Tiziano Ferro in Birra Moretti Trophy

Tiziano Ferro is the special guest star in the 10th Trofeo Birra Moretti event that will take place in San Paolo Stadium in Naples, Italy. The event (a football competition between three clubs; Juventus, Inter Milan and Napoli) will be broadcast in Canale 5, starting from 21.00 (Italy time), on 11 August 2006.

He will perform songs from his new album, "Nessuno E' Solo", which marks his first performance in Italy in 3 years. The artistic director of the event is Luca Tommassini, a famous choreographer who has worked with Madonna, Prince, Geri Halliwell and Michael Jackson. To accompany Tiziano's performance, there will be about a dozen dancers who will perform several dance pieces.

Complete news URL: (in Italian; Acrobat Reader required)
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